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(also spelt as Gaea) is the primordial Greek goddess of the Earth. Her current 'husband' is the protogenos Tartarus and her former husband is Ouranos. Her Roman counterpart is Terra.

Gaia was the first of the Protogenoi to emerge from Chaos, born when some of its matter collected to form the earth. She was initially alone in the universe, until the sky (Ouranos) formed above the earth. Two more Protogenoi followed in suit: Pontus (the sea), and Tartarus (the Pit). Both of them harboured feelings for Gaea, but she ultimately chose Ouranos as her husband. Eventually, Gaea and Ouranos had three sets of children together, namely the Titans, the Elder Cyclopes, and the Hundred-Handed Ones. Although Gaea loved all her children, Ouranos resented the younger races, mainly for their ugliness. Despite Gaia's protests, Ouranos chained the Elder Cyclopes and Hundred-Handed Ones up, before banishing them to the depths of Tartarus and mother of Titans Cronus and Rhea and sister of nyx (night sky) 

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