Jonathan Liebesman
Jonathan Liebesman


Wrath of the Titans (Director)

Jonathan Liebesman is the director of the sequel to the 2010 remake, Wrath of the Titans.

Wrath of the TitansEdit

Production and developmentEdit

Jonathan Liebesman states the Minotaur is the last gatekeeper at the end of the labyrinth prepared to stop anyone who comes through.

In regards of the Makhai, Jonathan and the writers, Dan Mazeau and David Leslie Johnson, created the Makhai to serve as shocktroops for the Titans army. Jonathan states the Makhai represent something the audience has never seen before on the action point of view. Probably referring to the attributes and fighting style of the Makhai.

For the Chimera, Jonathan states the creature's heads employ teamwork, one of the heads spews out a fuel while the other ignites it in mid-air.

According to Jonathan, the Cyclops are 30 ft. tall.

In regards to the background story of Kronos, Jonathan states Kronos helped creating the world.


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