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The Rise of the Heroes is basicly a plot for 3 film of clash of titans following events after Kronos destruction and World now safe ,Peresus heads to mount olympus find if there are other G

Clash of The Titans Wrath of the Titans Rise of The Titans Heroes of The Titans
Villans : Hades Villans: Hades and Ares Villlans : Titans a seguel 4 movie
Ries of the Titans
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Calibos Kronos a preguel movie
Kraken Minotaur,Chimeras and Makahi demons before the events of 2 movies

ods that have survived only to find Apollo thanking him for destroying Kronos and saving the world once more,but Apollo then tells Persues that now the world will need new gods to rule over and Apollo preclaims himself as new King of oympus,guickly waking up from that dream and seeing that was a vision Peresus calls Hades,Anderomda,Angenor to tell them of new threat that has arose Apollo with his surving god brothers seeks dominion over world so they must stop him.And so from greec they journey to black seas lands were Apollo with other gods is hidng and planing great attack with his army of saitrs and other monsters ,but on ther journey they are also acompined by Hercules from Hercules 2014 movie and his team that have heard the story of Persues and so he with Hercules and ther teams venture to stop Apollo and his army.Part 1

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